We are changing the way to do Visual Marketing

The times they are a-changin’.

This is why we are always in the loop, looking for the best way to get more from ourselves.

Have a look to our brand new project. FILKERS

Who are we?

Since 2000, OVIXIA Engineering has further enhanced its portfolio by offering an ever-expanding list of services.

Most recently, OVIXIA has positioned itself to become a one of a kind firm for the marketing industry.

With this vertical integration, a single item from an eCommerc,e could potentially travel from a site to social media or shopping window in real time. All on systems designed and built by OVIXIA.


More than 90% of consumers prefer brands that produce content and include new information. Until now, creating content was a manual and labour-intensive process that required the investment of many man-hours and resources. OVIXIA has developed FILKERS that will enable the generation of contextual dynamic content. We help create unique videos that blend user experience and on-demand, customized content.

Costes asumibles.

Technology is key, but it must be simple.

Make no mistake about technology. One of the main mistakes is thinking about too complex technological developments.

Nowadays, you can take technology where its value is simplicity and whose cost is acceptable for any micro-SME.

Be useful my friend.

Do you want to work with us?

We are always looking for new talented people with some kind of power . If you know how to program JavaScript, or edit Video or know how to Illustrate beautiful things, drop us your portfolio or CV.

Are you freelance? You are very welcome too.

We are from GALICIA

Yes. A lot of topics about Galicia. Octopus, surf, rain (not as much as used to be) and beautiful people like us.

We develop with love from Galicia.

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If you want to visit us, you are welcome.